Mackin Consultancy

Mackin Consultancy is transforming the world of contract employment with team support, open communication, and considerable employee benefits. Experience the Mackin difference!

Mackin Consultancy is a full-service consulting firm that has expertise in a number of key areas, including contract labor, which is a key resource when helping clients scale. We provide a one-stop shop with the resources to meet your changing business needs. Mackin Consultancy is also an International global Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) consultancy. Mackin Consultancy helps businesses from all sectors and sizes (including multi-nationals at their numerous global locations) to achieve Environmental Health & Safety compliance as appropriate, in their respective areas of expertise. Mackin Consultancy works with its diverse clients to give them every-day practical solutions to achieve their goals. Throughout our industry, we have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, responsive services to our clients, business partners, and fellow employees. Our commitment to quality in everything we do is a central focus of our operating philosophy. It is how we achieve client service and operational excellence that exceeds expectations.