Core Home

Core Home is a global leader in manufacturing and importing exceptional housewares and home décor products. We are a New York based company and our factories have been delivering beautiful products at affordable prices to the US/Canadian and European markets for close to two decades.

All of our products are made in a way that minimizes any negative impact on the environment, all while treating our trained artisans with the respect they deserve. Safety and cleanliness are of utmost importance in all of our manufacturing plants, regardless of where they are in the world.

At Core Home, we constantly aim to push ourselves to design an even better product, both in terms of utility and of course design. We pride ourselves on producing products that not only serve as great tools for living, but as pieces of art to be displayed with pride to guests, friends, and family. We are also crazy about customer service as our customers’ satisfaction is the driving factor behind all of our hard work and effort.