Factual, Inc

Data is increasingly critical to driving innovation and no one should be at a data disadvantage. We at Factual believe that data should be accessible to every developer, entrepreneur, business, or organization – anyone who needs it to build a better app, provide a better search result, make smarter software – anyone who needs data to make a better decision or help others make better decisions.

We view ourselves as stewards of the world’s data – we gather raw data from millions of different sources, clean and structure it, and then package and distribute it in multiple ways to make data easier for the world to use. Critical to that role is our neutrality. We focus on enabling our partners instead of competing with them – we don’t have our own consumer apps, we don’t sell ads, we don’t have our own payments products, and the list goes on – we only do data.

Today, Factual focuses on location data – data about places across the globe, and data which reveals a deeper understanding of people based on their geographic behavior. about where places are and how to better understand people based on their geographic behavior. We have APIs, mobile drivers, and on-premise implementations to make the data easy to use and integrate. The largest companies across a number of categories, including local search, mapping/navigation, social/messaging, mobile advertising, and payments, use Factual data to improve their products – products that are used daily by billions of people.