Open Garden

Open Garden is working to fundamentally change how people connect to the Internet through our mesh networking and cryptocurrency technologies. Together, we call this the Open Garden protocol. We are enabling the community to not only share their Internet connection but also to earn our cryptocurrency while they're at it – it’s like Airbnb for Internet access!

Anyone can become their own ISP, reselling their bandwidth to users nearby. The Internet belongs to everyone, not just a small group of powerful companies.

OG, our Open Garden cryptocurrency, provides the incentive to share and earn. By tokenizing bandwidth with our protocol, we are disrupting the $2 trillion global market for Internet access.

When individuals, startups and whole communities can create their own mesh network for Internet access, we can make the Internet faster, more affordable, more net neutral, and more secure. While the starting point is with our own app, Open Garden, in time, the developer community will build it into many apps, new hardware, and embed it into existing WiFi infrastructure. This is the Internet of Us.

The company’s earlier product, FireChat, is the first off-the-grid messaging app. FireChat attracted international attention when it was used at Burning Man and by pro-democracy protesters in places like Hong Kong. Since its launch in March 2014, FireChat has reached the top 10 among social networking app in 124 countries. In 2015, FireChat was the recipient of the SXSW Innovation Award for connecting people and the Financial Times Award for boldness in business.

Open Garden offers an intellectually stimulating and technically challenging work culture with gourmet catered lunches, competitive benefits, and the opportunity to work with one of the most innovative teams out there. Our office is located in a fantastic Oakland location that also happens to be close to BART.